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The Southwest Mississippi Roadrunners Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation, serving as a member of USA Track & Field.

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Southwest MS Roadrunners Track Club is about teaching young athletes the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, hard work, and commitment. Winning is the goal, but not a means by which to measure success.


Parent/Athlete Contract Agreement

This agreement made the ________ day of _______________ 2017/2018, by and between the Southwest Mississippi Roadrunners hereafter called the Contractor and Mr. & Mrs. _________________________ and their son/daughter _________________________________, hereinafter called the Owner(s).


Scope of agreement

The contractor shall provide training and competition in the sport of Track & Field within the guidelines of USATF, USATF Southern Association, and the Southwest Mississippi Roadrunners. The training will include but is not limited to 3-5 days per week for sport specific training. Your son/daughter is expected to attend all scheduled training sessions except during illness, non-ambulatory injuries, and periods of grievance, inclement weather, travel/transportation emergencies, and other extenuating events beyond his/her control. Failure to attend practices and meets for any reason not listed may result in dismissal from the program with no refund of fees paid.


Contract Price

The Owner shall pay the contractor the sum of $250 which will include a 1 year USATF membership, team uniform, and athlete fees for all meets up to Southern Association District Championships (will not include parental entry, travel, or lodging expenses). For all meets after District Championships (Regional and National Championships) the team must organize and participate in fund raisers. Payments of Contract Price shall be paid in full by/on the day (April 2, 2018) of club registration. All payments ad financial questions are deferred to Coach Kristie at janel062003@yahoo.com or 601-395-0222.

I, (athlete) ______________________________ agree to abide by the Southwest MS Roadrunners team contract.  I also acknowledge that if I don’t comply with the team contract I can and will be removed from the team and forfeit my ability to compete for the SW MS Roadrunners track and field team.


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