SWMRR contributes to the quality of life of the youth of Southwest Mississippi, by keeping them heavily active in the community, and giving them a feeling of self worth and instilling confidence in them.  We provide our youth ages 8 – 18 with athletic activities, youth mentoring and educational support. SWMRR measures the success of its summer programs by measuring attendance, and pre-and post-academic achievement test of the youth in both the Track and Reach and Teach programs.  Our attainable goal, set 20 year ago, was to equip today’s youth with the necessary tools to compete, contend in all areas of life.  It is still our attainable goal, and we are still striving.

 Many Of Our Graduating Seniors Earn University Track Scholarships; This Is Not By Accident. We Expose Athletes To Programs From Smaller Junior College To Major Universities Throughout The United States. We Believe Any Athlete Wanting To Compete In College Can Do So, If They Are Willing To Train Hard With Dedication And Perseverance Toward Their Opportunities. We Encourage Our High School Athletes Through SAT And ACT Preparation, NCAA Eligibility Enrollment, And Communications With University Track Program.

Southwest MS Roadrunners
Victor L. Montgomery




The Southwest MS Roadrunners Foundation mission is to promote academic and athletic excellence, leadership attributes, and to stress the importance of teamwork and commitment to our youth. SWMRR serves as a gateway between the junior high and high school athlete into college life, while assisting them in obtaining college scholarships, providing guidance in future positive endeavors, and healthy life style routines.



Southwest MS Roadrunners Track Club is about teaching young athletes the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, hard work, and commitment. Winning is the goal, but not a means by which to measure success.


Southwest MS Roadrunners Foundation

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